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why should you buy a futon from Japan?

Authentic Japanese futons are reliable, comfortable, healthier and affordable

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Free shipping and free delivery, A vacuum bag that can
be used for long term storage and the airing clips
are all included. There is nothing else to pay
to enjoy a traditional, hand-crafted Japanese futon.
The futon just needs to be aired regularly
to maintain it. Our top quality natural cotton
does not trap moisture and harmful toxic moulds
that foam padding harbours.
Traditional Japanese futons are lighter than
western futons and fold up more compactly to
be stored away with ease. In fact, in Japan, they
are usually folded away each morning so the room
can be used for other purposes.
A very comfortable way to sleep with good
back support and fabric which will breath.
All natural cotton is used to make our futons,
there is no foam or man-made fillers in any of our products.
We mill our own cotton on site using a machine
manufactured in 1947 and no chemicals are added
in any part of the process.
This is better for the planet and those that suffer from allergies.
Our futons are hand-made in the authentic
Japanese manner by craftsman.
The factory is a family run business
that has been building futons for a century.